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2017 Approved Meeting Minutes


2015 Approved Meeting Minutes

What else is going on?

A new committee has been formed to write the zoning for the implementation of the Land Use Plan.

Click here for the Land Use Plan

Click here for the Land Use Map

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The Committee meets twice a month  on Wednesday evening at 6 PM

The Committee is working with the 2014 Comprehensive Plan.  The Plan Chapters and policies are listed below for downloading or viewing:


Chapter 1 Historical and Cultural Resources

Chapter 2 People of Bridgton

Chapter 3 Housing

Chapter 4 The Economy

Chapter 5 Land Use

Chapter 6 Natural Resources

Chapter 7 Transportation

Chapter 8 Public Facilities and Services

Chapter 9 Municipal Finances

Chapter 10 Regional Coordination

Chapter 11 Future Land Use

Chapter 12 Conclusions Goals & Strategies



Community Outreach

Senior College


history, role and use of zoning and why it's constitutional - the last slide has some harsh language but it's there to show how sometimes land use regulation is not met with open arms!

Planning * economic development * 
‚Äčcommunity development


 Anne Krieg, AICP


2017 Land Use Committee Agendas

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2016 Approved Meeting Minutes