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Town of Bridgton
Notice of Road Posting

Depending on the weather, we usually post our public ways for load limits on or about the first of March through May 1.  This is done to protect our roadways from damage during the thaw cycle.  The following public ways are posted in accordance with MRSA Title 29A Section 2395.
The following roads will be posted.  For more information please contact Jim Kidder, Public Works Director, 207-647-2326 or 207-647-1127
Burnham Road, Willis Park Road, Ingalls Road, Fosterville Road (to end), Winn Road, Swamp Road, North Road, Raspberry Lane, Adams Pd Rd, and Camp Pondicherry Road, Wildwood and Moose Cove Lodge.
Mountain Road, Hio Ridge Road, Sam Ingalls Road, Whitney Road, Highland Pines Road, Millbrook Road, Harmon Road, Issac Stevens Road, Kilgore Road, Cedar Drive, East Pondicherry Road, West Pondicherry Road and South Bay Road (Knights Hill Development).
Highland Road, Chadbourne Hill Road, Upper Ridge Road, Middle Ridge Road, Monk Road, Kimball Road, Highland Point Development.
Kansas Road, Pond Road, Dugway Road, Mt. Henry Road, Zion Hill Road.


The information on the Forest Hills Cemetery Maps are as of 10/26/16.

If you have questions about the Cemetery please contact Laurie Chadbourne.

James "Jim" A. Kidder, Public Works Director


bridgton public works department